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love love love

Sometimes love is really all you need.

My love,⁣
This year no restaurant for Valentine’s Day, but I still wanted to mark the occasion.⁣
Rose petals on the floor are so overrated, but the children put Lego® all over the floor. Please, don’t make any noise: our children in pyjamas are squatting on the bed, as usual!⁣
If you’re hungry, there are nuggets and pasta – mainly under the table. Afterwards, I suggest watching a naughty movie 😈 : Denis the menace or Home Alone, it’s up to you! Join me in the living room, I might not be alone (there is a little baby who kindly offers to be our third-wheel instead of sleeping), we’ll toast to this funny life, to this daily life which exhausts us as much as it delights us, to love, and to the best Valentine’s Day: the ones we spend together, that’s all ❤⁣

  • a pure testimony of a petit bateau customer

“On ne dit jamais assez aux gens qu’on aime qu’on les aime”

– Louis Chedid⁣

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